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National Healthcare Decisions Day

Hello! Welcome to the Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC blog by A RN: Disclosed also known as  Danielle Harris . Previously I have written 2 other blog posts that relate to this blog post. The blogs were titled “Will and Testament?” and “Palliative Care: Everyone Will Benefit” . As National Healthcare Decisions Day , which was April 16 passes on, I wanted to take this time to write about the importance of advocating for you, your loved ones, and friends even when unable to do so.  If you did not know, that National Healthcare Decisions Day was April 16, it is not too late. You can do this at any time. National Healthcare Decisions Day is a collaborative effort of organizations committed to ensuring those people with decision making capacity have the information and resources to communicate and document their future health care decisions. Many organizations who support this day will trail on until April 22nd supporting this mission and raising awareness.  My previous blog

Palliative Care: Everyone Will Benefit

Hello, Welcome to the Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC blog by A RN: Disclosed also known as  Danielle Harris . Today’s blog post is in regards to palliative care. I felt the need to write about palliative care, because it is highly misunderstood and not used as much as it should be. Some professionals refer to palliative care as supportive care. As a RN I believe that palliative care is a special type of medical care, that is supportive, but it is so much more. Palliative care is NOT the same as hospice care. Palliative care can bring hope, control, and a better quality of life to patients at any age, at any stage, and with any condition. Palliative care is for those patients seeking curative treatment and are seeking comfort and quality of life. Hospice care means the patient has decided to no longer seek curative treatments. Palliative considers a patients’ values, goals, and wishes while working to manage the conditions and diseases, ultimately providing relief from bur