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A Season / A Day: Thankfulness

Spend time with everyone you love. Practice mindfulness. Have gratitude. Peace. Love. Hope. Happy Thanksgiving! 🔆        💗        🐘 Thank you for reading, the official Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC blog by Danielle Harris, MSN, BSN, RN, CMC, CDP also known as  A RN: Disclosed ! Thank you for sharing – sharing is caring, send to someone you know needs this information. 👇 Stay connected on  Facebook ! Visit

Preventing Pneumonia

Hello! Thank you for visiting the official Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC blog. Today’s blog is about preventing pneumonia, because it is "that" time of year again.  Can Pneumonia Be Prevented? Sort of, yes! You can reduce your risk of getting pneumonia! Pneumonia is an infection of/in the lungs. The infection can occur in both lungs or part of the lung. Pneumonia affects millions of people worldwide each year. We can work to lower our risk of pneumonia with vaccines and other healthy living practices. So, what are those healthy living practices? Get Vaccinated!  Children younger than 5 and adults 65 and older should get vaccinated. Wash Your Hands!  Wash your hands frequently, especially after blowing your nose, going to the bathroom, diapering, and before eating or preparing foods; when hand washing, use friction. If hand washing is not available, then sanitize your hands. Don't Smoke!  Tobacco damages your lung's ability to fight off infection,