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Aromatherapy FAQ?!

Hello!  It has been a long time! Many of you have shared you missed my blog posts. Honestly, I have missed posting them. Unfortunately, time got away from me and life happened and I lost track. But I am back! I am excited to share with you all again! I have redesigned and revamped Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC to better serve my patients, their families, and even working to introduce some other passions of mine, in addition, I want to work more to educate and inform on health & wellness, because they are different things, you know 😊 ; but we will work to continue to discuss that concept.  Recently, I have received 3 suspicious emails from someone, whom I have never spoken to on the phone, on the web, or in-person, but they email me some random questions regarding me and aromatherapy. The emails are the same each time, and the person emails questions, that I assume they want answered, but I have not answered, because I am still sort of old fashioned, phone calls are imp