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A – Z, short but sweet, What Aromatherapy means to me….

Hello! My hopes are that you found this blog post, doing well, and social distancing with a positive heart and open mind. Today, I wanted to keep this blog post light and fun; and talk about something I love dearly, Aromatherapy. We are going to keep it fun by doing this with the alphabet. ❤ So here we go: Aromatherapy is at least 8000 years old and allows us to benefit from living plants. Base notes tend to evaporate the slowest and tend to last the longest in blends. Carrier oil is what should be used when planning to apply to skin (topical) to prevent adverse reactions and reduce sensitivity. Examples include sweet almond, apricot kernel, jojoba and grapeseed. Dilute is what should be done (using carrier oils) to apply to skin (topical). 💧 Extraction is the method by which essential oils are separated from the plant. Extraction is done by either distillation, expression and solvent extraction. Frankincense was one of the gifts given to the baby Jesus by the t