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This is our first post and wanted to take this time to discuss why Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC was developed.

Please note: I never push my religion or spirituality on anyone. I don't bring up in conversations either. However if you choose to, I will definitely join you.

First, Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC, I refer to my company affectionately as, ESS, LLC; is a Limited Liability Company, an LLC is a structure allowed by the state of South Carolina statute and is formed by filing articles of organization with the state.

To start, why the name Evolve Senior Solutions?

Merriam-Webster, Incorporated defines evolve as: “develop; evolutionary change; to change or develop slowly often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state; to change or develop gradually”

So under our 3 pillars: education, training, and consulting ESS, LLC will offer services that aim to help each person we touch evolve professionally and personally. We will offer an array of services, which all can be connected to empowering the population of seniors; which for many people are defined as different ages. But, for me I see anyone 60+ as a senior, mostly due in part to the least age a community organization sees someone as a “senior” is 60 and that organization is National Association of Area Agencies on Aging. Now, the, Solutions, part of the name, because my purpose or as I like to say my call to serve, is to help anyone I come into contact with through educating, training, consulting, finding or connecting that person with solutions to their problems. So that is Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC.

Why I decided to start the business?

I have worked since I was 16 and I have always been content with the places I've worked, but never truly happy. When I decided to enroll and complete the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Leadership and management degree with Walden University I knew it was because someday I wanted to own a business. But I never knew what services or products I wanted to provide.

But as I began to work as a RN I realized I loved 4 things without a doubt: being a RN, medications, people living with dementia, and seniors. I know I enjoy reading, writing, and researching. So I prayed to God to give me insight on how I could develop a business where I can find my purpose, serve Him, and use my talents and gifts.

As I began to practice in the field of case and care management I started to take note of how many seniors were just unaware of what they took and why and many have trouble with understanding the orders and regimens related to medications. So hence the service I offer medication management.

Since 2008 I have been certified as Dementia Specialists. Over my RN career I continued to read research, attend conferences, and even still do so now. I'm serious about what I like to call: dementia loving care, which to me means everyone should know how to care and communicate with anyone living with dementia and not all people living with dementia are the same. So this is the reason why I offer the Dementia Dialogues (you will be recognized as a Dementia Specialists) training, which is filled with nurse commentary and care management commentary as well, because I enjoy sharing my professional experiences and how it has molded me into the RN I am today.

As I mentioned before, I enjoy learning new things, reading, researching, and attending conferences. I have so much knowledge and I always want to share and I can do this now, via Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC, in my own way. All in all, God gives each person specific gifts, abilities, and circumstances necessary to live according to His purpose (Heb 13.21) this notion is why Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC was founded.

So - Connect with us, as more services will be added and you don’t want to miss out!  To get to know more about the owner and learn about her background.

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