Revealing study shows that SC tops Alz Disease rates

As I embark on this journey of small business ownership and answering my call to serve, I think the stars are aligning, because the Walk to End Alzheimer’s is approaching Saturday, October 7, 2017 at Fluor Field at the West End.

A great friend of mine gave me the idea to sign up for the walk as my business name, Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC.

Once I started to develop my page for the walk, and;many feelings began to take over me. I was thinking of all the patients and families I have touched who are living with dementia.

I decided to dedicate this walk, to my grandmother, Brenda, who we lost this summer. I also wanted to dedicate this walk to my great uncle, James. Neither of them lived or live in SC, but this brings attention to the fact that Alzheimer’s and Dementia of all types is a national and international issue; that we need to continue to bring awareness to and remove the stigma.

Recently, I read an article titled, South Carolina tops most other states for Alzheimer's disease, new CDC study finds.

In the article it states, the CDC revealed that (South Carolina) SC to be the third-highest rate of the disease.

Unfortunately, I was not surprised. One because as CNA and RN, I have cared for patients living with dementia of all types in many settings; second diet/nutrition is not “heart healthy” in the south therefore, not “brain healthy”; third exercise or increased activity is shortcoming in the south as well; fourth, lack of awareness and recognition, as a result education on prevention is scarce.

So this blog post is about being aware and my thoughts as I read the article.

I want to praise, Dianne, because she has learned the art of not removing or taking away, but to replace or substitute; to compromise; and allow Jim to still have his dignity and independence. Patients living with dementia deserve to have dignity and independence in all stages; in addition to, remaining active.

Now the articles states, “While medications exist to slow Alzheimer’s progression” – this statement is incorrect. Nothing slows the progression of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Medications are to help with the signs and symptoms related to Dementia, but the progression continues on at an unspecified rate.

I do agree that funding for research is slim compared to cancer, heart disease and HIV/AIDS, which is related to the fact that the stigma still exist.

In the article it states that “Dianne said she recognizes that a nursing home will probably become Jim’s reality at some point.” As a Registered Nurse, Dementia Practitioner, Dementia Specialists, and Care Manager of many years; I don’t believe nursing homes is the fate for Jim or any patient living with Dementia for that matter; it is about planning, education, resource connection, and having a team (the right team) to help patients with dementia remain at home.

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Thank you for reading!


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