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Why RN: Disclosed?

Hello! Thank you visiting the official Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC blog. This blog is titled, A RN: Disclosed . By definition, from Merriam-Webster, disclose , is to make secret or new information known . During our education and training as Nurses we are not taught to speak up, voice opinions, and so on; hence why unfortunately, many nurses are not in the boardroom, where we should and are qualified to be. Therefore, with this blog, I am speaking my opinions , thoughts , giving advice , and educating all in one blog. Although in school, nurses are not to speak up, I have always been able to do so, and the same is true in this matter as well. Even in that, I am secure enough to admit when I am wrong and confident enough to speak for patients and families, thus ensuring their rights and wishes are respected and heard. Now that, is a different blog post, for a different week 💬 On the other hand, I decided to take this week’s blog to take the opportunity to discuss the purpose

Live Longer – Self-Manage Your Chronic Conditions

As a RN and Care Manager, I help patients and their families manage chronic conditions like, Diabetes, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, and Lung diseases.  Did you know that 80% of older adults have 1 chronic condition? Did you know that 99% of management of those conditions are in the hands of the individuals and their families? Let’s first discuss the top 10 conditions in adults age 65+: High blood pressure High cholesterol Arthritis Heart disease Diabetes Kidney disease Heart failure Depression Alz/dementia Lung disease What can families and patients do? It is called, Self-management . A definition is offered by Improving Chronic Illness Care, “the decisions and behaviors that patients with chronic illness engage in that affect their health.  Self-management support is the care and encouragement provided to people with chronic conditions and their families to help them understand their central role in managing their illness, make informed decisions about care, a

What can I do, mom/dad needs helps, but refuses

This past week I encountered two different families having issues with their parents to agree to home modifications and in-home help.  Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence in the senior community to refuse help or even make changes for that matter. If someone has lived 60+ years independently and well (in their eyes); they see no need to make changes. As a Geriatric Care Manager, I often have patient’s family, friends, and caregivers to ask; “What do you when she/he Refuse Help?” The biggest concept to understand, is that everyone wants to keep their independence. We spend a quarter of our lives yearning for it, get it, live with it, and then we turn into our 60+ years and enjoying retirement; and someone wants to come along and take it away. So, accepting help means that their independence is disappearing. By definition per Merriam-Webster, independence, is defined as the quality or state of not being under the control of, reliant on, or connected with someone or someth

Self-Care is Self-Love Part 2: Want to know more about essential oils? Now you can!

This blog post today is about Aromatherapy and Young Living Essential Oils (the only essential oils I use) as a follow up to last week’s post. So, what are Essential Oils (EOs)? Essential oils (EOs) are aromatic and volatile liquid that comes from inside flowers, shrubs, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. EOs are considered to be the “Lifeblood” of plants, as they carry oxygen and nutrients within the plant. EOs can be experienced in different ways. 💧 To date, I have experienced, more self-care in my daily life. I am more relaxed ; my sleep quality has improved; the biggest thing I love is that they are toxic free .😴 There is always a disclaimer of some sort when it comes to EOs: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The contents of this website/e-mail are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician o