Why RN: Disclosed?

Hello! Thank you visiting the official Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC blog.

This blog is titled, A RN: Disclosed.

By definition, from Merriam-Webster, disclose, is to make secret or new information known.

During our education and training as Nurses we are not taught to speak up, voice opinions, and so on; hence why unfortunately, many nurses are not in the boardroom, where we should and are qualified to be. Therefore, with this blog, I am speaking my opinions, thoughts, giving advice, and educating all in one blog. Although in school, nurses are not to speak up, I have always been able to do so, and the same is true in this matter as well. Even in that, I am secure enough to admit when I am wrong and confident enough to speak for patients and families, thus ensuring their rights and wishes are respected and heard. Now that, is a different blog post, for a different week 💬

On the other hand, I decided to take this week’s blog to take the opportunity to discuss the purpose of the blog. ✋ I, Danielle Harris, MSN, BSN, RN, CDP, (find out more about me) and the Founder/Owner/Operator of Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC write this blog for several reasons, below I let you know why.

1. To connect with you and share timely and relevant information with you about all things that impact the geriatric/aging/senior/elder population

2. To discuss and notify you of new products or services, that Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC offers and will offer

3. To comment on timely news topics or market trends related to the geriatric/aging/senior/elder population

4. To share Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC initiatives beyond what you find on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/EvolveSeniorSolutions and our soon to come website

5. To shares my expertise (to know more, visit, https://about.me/danielle-harris) and hopefully change someone’s life and improve health

6. To create conversations, I would love to have comments and shares on the blog posts, because sharing is caring and knowledge and awareness is empowering 

7. I become energized, stimulated, and look forward to deciding what to write each week 💓

8. Last but not least, the blog details why Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC exist and how Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC helps all caregivers (professional, non-professional, paid, unpaid, families) and patients of the geriatric/aging/senior/elder community

So, tune in every Wednesday for a new blog post. Get connected and stay connected by visiting, fb.me/EvolveSeniorSolutions.

Thank you for reading, #A RN: Disclosed!
Thank you for sharing!

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