A RN: Disclosed = CMC, what does that mean?

What does being Certified as a Care Manager mean:
But for me, it is a little more, it is a part of my purpose.

I have been working in the field of case and care management for 4 years.
I have been a RN for 6 years. I have worked in every setting you could imagine and I have loved it all.

The world, especially seniors and their families and caregivers need Care Management services. Healthcare is ever changing and a complex setting to navigate, as a Care Manager, one of my duties is to make that pathway, less complex and easier to navigate. 

I am paid to be a Care Manager, but also provide free information to people in the community, at random, when I am asked my opinion (like this blog).

Sometimes we do have to “toot” our own horn. So yes, I am a great Care Manager!

I do not commit to knowing everything, but I do commit to finding the answer. I believe in quality care for all. I believe in the right care at the right time. I believe in working to honor patient's wishes. I am very passionate about helping seniors to age in place, aging well, and advocating for those who do not have or use their voice.

My mission on earth is to always be the best at everything I do and to help every person I touch; and to always leave everyone I encounter with a smile and a laugh.

I am a Registered Nurse that is my profession and I am blessed and thankful that God placed it in my heart, mind, and spirit to do His work.

My vocation, well, I am now a Care Manager Certified (CMC).

Find out more at http://www.naccm.net/.

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