Why make a resolution to use respite care?

It is 2018! 🌟 Happy New Year!

Welcome to a new year, 2018 to be exact. Many people take this opportunity to have resolutions. But, I am one person who believe resolutions can happen any time of year, heck even anytime of the day or month. When you deem it is time for a change, then that's you making a resolution.

One resolution I would like all caregivers to have is to use respite care. Merriam-Webster says that respite is "to grant a temporary period of relief..".

I see respite care for caregivers as a part of their self-care plan too, because while your loved is enjoying the respite care/company of a new face, you as the caregiver can go off and do things you love.

Not to mention, I think patients love respite care, because honestly, patients sometimes want a break from you too, as their caregiver; to see some new faces, hear some new voices, and have new memories.

So I have some reasons below, why respite care, should be a resolution, for you as a caregiver for 2018.

Respite care offers the opportunity for:

  • Refresh – Calm your anxieties, decrease your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and improve your mood, all for the sake of rejuvenation.
  • Re-energize -  Taking a break for it all can give you a sense of focus and make you more effective.
  • Relax - Remove yourself from the everyday hustle and bustle.
  • Re-purpose - Many caregivers get lost in caregiver and forget who they are and what they enjoy. Accepting respite will allow you the time to re-introduce yourself to you.
  • Re-dedicate - It’s important to maintain your sense of self. Get back into those activities you once loved before.
  • Rest - Having time to rest can even help you think of new ideas or resources.
  • Re-commit - You as a caregivers can suffer from social isolation as much as your loved one could. So spend time with your friends and family and keep your social ties healthy.

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