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Welcome to Spring 2018!

Today’s blog post is in regards to scams. I felt the need to write this blog about scams, because with the warmer weather, sometimes the people doing these scams present themselves because they want money to do activities in the warmer weather. I am an advocate for protecting seniors from scams.

To protect seniors from scams, the most important key is being aware. Aware that they exist. Aware enough to be suspicious. Another key is to stay involved, many times scammers target neighborhoods, so if your neighbor tells you about some interesting opportunity that magically appeared then you will have the heads up before the scammer gets to you. Furthermore, always say to the possible scammer: “I never buy from (or give to) anyone who calls or visits me unannounced. Send me something in writing.” In addition, invest in a shredder, shred all items with your personal information. To reduce the amount of your information in the mail, try to get items, like statements sent to your email, instead of mail.  

One of my favorites is the “Do Not Call” list - Visit Do Not Call to stop telemarketers from contacting you -

Senior scams are real.

As an Aging Life Care Professional® I have had my fair share of occurrences where I had to protect my patients from scammers and scams.

Some of the most common scams are:

·         Medicare / Health insurance fraud – do not sign any blank forms
·         Fake prescription drugs – just use your pharmacy, call me to get help on cheaper medications, that is one of the services I offer 😊
·         Funeral and cemetery scams – ask for written materials and the professionals information
·         Telemarketing / phone scams – ask for written materials
·         Internet fraud – only go to sites you know, look for “https”
·         Investment schemes – only use qualified and reputable professionals and companies
·         Homeowner/reverse mortgage scams – only use HUD approved providers
·         Sweepstakes and lottery scams – if it sounds too good to be true, it is, who has a free cabin for anyone to stay…right?
·         Home repair / contractor fraud – read contracts and check for licensure and insurance

 All in all, keep in mind, the

      Red flags:

•           Special guarantees
•           Promises of no risk with high rewards or returns
•           Offers for a 'limited time' only
•           Offers for YOU only
•           'Cash Only' accepted
•           Promises to get you the paperwork 'later'


Tips to avoid becoming a fraud victim:

•           Do your homework before signing any contract or paperwork
•           Read the fine print
•           Check the source
•           Be skeptic – cynic, disbeliever, doubter

When in doubt, google – I mean – google the company they claim to be representing, google their name, google their phone number, google the address, and whatever specific information they provide. When someone said, “Google is our/your friend”, they were telling the truth.

If all else, reach out to the FBI, literally, check out their link for their fight against senior scams:

Enjoy your first week of Spring 2018! 

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