Palliative Care: Everyone Will Benefit

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Today’s blog post is in regards to palliative care. I felt the need to write about palliative care, because it is highly misunderstood and not used as much as it should be.

Some professionals refer to palliative care as supportive care. As a RN I believe that palliative care is a special type of medical care, that is supportive, but it is so much more.

Palliative care is NOT the same as hospice care.

Palliative care can bring hope, control, and a better quality of life to patients at any age, at any stage, and with any condition. Palliative care is for those patients seeking curative treatment and are seeking comfort and quality of life.

Hospice care means the patient has decided to no longer seek curative treatments.

Palliative considers a patients’ values, goals, and wishes while working to manage the conditions and diseases, ultimately providing relief from burden (suffering) from pain, anxiety, fear, and other symptoms.

Palliative is family centered as well and includes the family into the plan of care as well.

As a RN some of the most common conditions I have encouraged patients to connect to palliative services are: cancer, heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, chronic lung conditions, and dementias of all types. This list does not indicate these conditions are the only conditions that will gain benefits from palliative care; any condition that causes pain, anxiety, fear, and other symptoms that cause discomfort, will benefit from palliative care.

To begin palliative care, like all other types of care, an assessment is completed, the assessment is geared toward symptoms that need to be addressed such as: pain, discomfort, shortness of breath, fatigue, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, nausea, constipation, changes to living, and sleep problems.

Palliative care is available in a number of places. More and more, palliative care is available outside of the hospital in the places where you live.

Palliative care is provided by a team of specialists, including palliative care doctors and nurses.

Each and every patient and family I have connected to palliative care – has had no complaints and only reports of appreciation for the service. As a RN I have seen the patients and families experience better quality of life, peace, joy, and comfort.

If you would like to know more about Palliative Care and connect with this service, contact me via email at or give me a call at 864. 810. 0505.

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