Older American's Month

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Celebrate Older Americans Month!

For this blog post, I want to bring awareness to the month of May - it is recognized as Older Americans Month. So in this post I want to emphasize that you are NEVER too old (or young) to do activities that can enrich your physical, mental, and emotional well-being - that is #agingwell #holisticaging

Did you know that about 80 percent of older adults have at least one chronic health condition? Therefore staying active is ONE of the best ways to prevent decline, both physically and cognitively.

What are some of those activities? 

1. BE and GET active and exercise - with friends, neighbors, or families 

Older adults are becoming more active than ever.  Visit www.Go4Life.nia.nih.gov, the National Institute on Aging’s online resource for staying active, or find a local Matter of Balance program, one of the Administration for Community Living’s evidence-based falls prevention programs. 

2. Feed your community - either the older or younger 

Your activities can include providing the warm food, donating to the organization that does, but also warm, be the friendly person to delivery the meals. 
On the other hand, you can have your friends, relatives, and neighbors to create your own volunteer experience by creating your own program to feed your community. 

3. Volunteer - anywhere (that makes your heart and soul smile)

Your local hospital is a good place where volunteers are needed. If you decide to volunteer at your local hospital, then please protect yourself: get vaccines, wash your hands, and take your vitamin c (because your body does not make it).
United Way is also a great place, to put yourself on the registry for volunteer opportunities. 

4. Show appreciation for veterans - Thank you for your service! 

There are more than 12 million veterans over the age of 65.  If you know an older veteran, be sure to point them to www.va.gov/GERIATRICS
The “No Veteran Dies Alone” program uses volunteers to help veterans approaching death by providing support such as listening and touch. 

5. Help an older adult - by helping their caregiver

Over 30 million friends and family members care for an older loved one who needs assistance, on a daily basis.  With having to provide complex medical and nursing tasks, caregivers have higher rates of stress, depression, and anxiety with the chronic conditions that come along with it.  You can offer to shop, cook, or even sit with their loved one for an hour or so.

Aging is multidimensional! So take this month of May to take time to learn what it takes to engage, play, and age well. 


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