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Life is Sharing

This blog was inspired by the recent encounters I had with my caregivers. Many of them feel like they are alone. I want you to know you are NOT. For this blog post, I decided to do something I do not usually do – I want to share other stories, by links, in the media that chronicle the caregivers plight. Please click the links below to discover the Huffing Post write ups on care-giving  in the United States. Now that you have read, please share your thoughts, comments, and concerns.

When a Senior is Suddenly Hospitalized

Hello, Welcome to the Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC blog by A RN: Disclosed also known as  Danielle Harris . For this blog post, I want to discuss hospitalization. At times it is unavoidable. But mostly it is preventable. Some keys include: managing chronic conditions, medication management, remaining active, keeping up to date with recommended screenings and vaccines, and keeping up with appointments. During all times, always wash your hands, cover your cough, cover your sneeze, and stay away from sick people. Yes, those are some basic items but, those basic items have been proven by science - that those basic items keeps us all healthy. In the event of hospitalization, it is best to have some documents ready because you never know what could happen: (you keep the original, everyone else gets a copy)  • Health care proxy/durable health power-of-attorney – this determines who makes decisions for you when you no longer can   • Authorization to release health-care informat