Sundowning - Oh my!

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Today’s blog is a caregiving tips post, for managing sundowning.

Your loved one living with Dementia of any type may experience sundowning. Sundowning can exhibit itself as increased confusion, anxiety, agitation, pacing, and disorientation beginning at dusk and continuing throughout the night. Sundowning may not look like that for you loved one, but overall, sundowning will be a change in behavior or attitude. I do not like to call behaviors a problem. As a person living with Dementia, there behaviors and attitude are the way they express themselves when it is hard to do so verbally (with words). 

Some tips include: 
Decrease noise and activity

Plan ahead for calm evenings

Have a routine 

Schedule challenging events like doctor appointments, trips, and bathing in the morning or early afternoon when the person is more alert

Detect triggers (Create a journal about what happens before sundowning events occur) 

Plan for light dinners (Have breakfast; a large meal at lunch & keep the evening meal light) {digestion takes work and energy}

Keep the home well-lit especially in the evenings (Try to reduce shadows)

Enjoy outdoor activities during the day (Another form of light therapy) 

Take water pills / diuretic / fluid pills in the morning (Less or no bathroom trips)  

These tips of course are not an all inclusive list of how to manage sundowning, but it is enough to get you and your loved one on the right track. 

Now that you have read, please share your thoughts, comments, and concerns.

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