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It has been a long time! Many of you have shared you missed my blog posts. Honestly, I have missed posting them. Unfortunately, time got away from me and life happened and I lost track. But I am back! I am excited to share with you all again!

I have redesigned and revamped Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC to better serve my patients, their families, and even working to introduce some other passions of mine, in addition, I want to work more to educate and inform on health & wellness, because they are different things, you know 😊 ; but we will work to continue to discuss that concept. 

Recently, I have received 3 suspicious emails from someone, whom I have never spoken to on the phone, on the web, or in-person, but they email me some random questions regarding me and aromatherapy. The emails are the same each time, and the person emails questions, that I assume they want answered, but I have not answered, because I am still sort of old fashioned, phone calls are important. 😊

I am a health care professional and I do not randomly answer questions from a random person without further details or having established a patient-nurse or client-professional relationship. 
Nonetheless, due to receiving this email, I have decided to answer those questions, via my blog. 

So, let’s get started: 
First, NAHA, is the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), which I am a member of; all NAHA members must agree to abide by a code of ethics, to find out more, visit, 

Q: How are you qualified to administer this treatment/therapy? Did you receive specialized education or training? How long have been practicing?

A: Yes, I received specialized education and training. I have used essential oils, safely, for 5 years with formal and informal education from Aromatherapist with over 10+ years of experience. I am qualified to practice aromatherapy because in January 2019, I attended, completed, and graduated with a certification from a NAHA approved Level 2 aromatherapy training program, in which I completed over 200 hours of education and training
As a Level 2: NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist®, I am actively practicing and teaching professional aromatherapy. I can also vote and hold office in NAHA.  
Lastly, I have a professional business policy, website, social media, and written materials, which does not contain: promotion of unsafe and/or contraindicated use of essential oils and aromatherapy techniques.  


Q: Why did you choose this therapy/career?

A: My first dedication is to my license as a Registered Nurse (RN), in which I have been for going into 9 years. In being a RN, I have come to practice as a Holistic Nurse (active member of the holistic nurse association at (, in which I believe patients and their families/caregivers should and must be treated with their whole being in mind, meaning, their mind, body, and spirit. 
In practicing as holistic nurse, it brought my attention to different modalities that can help patients heal (integrative care), such as aromatherapy / use of essential oils. In my personal life, I began to use essential oils to help with anxiety, skin care, and cleaning my home without toxic chemicals. As a result of success with myself, my parents, friends, and even my dog; I started to educate myself further on essential oils and aromatherapy, this resulted in my education, training, and certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist. 


Q: Can you provide examples of the success in your practice?

A: Yes, and I have pictures and testimonials from patients and their families. 

Q: What does this treatment/therapy cost?

A: Price varies depending on needs which will be determined by the service and product formulation (roll-on, diffusion blend, or so on). With service and product formulation, all patients must agree to an assessment (along with recommendations for better health and wellness) before aromatherapy product formulation is completed. 

Q: Is this treatment/therapy readily availability?

A: Yes, along with aromatherapy being mobile, safe, and ethical as set forth by NAHA. 

If you would like to find out more about Aromatherapy, please visit, 


If you are ready to receive services and experience the impact of nursing + essential oil for optimal healing, contact me 🙋

Thank you for reading!


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