As we continue to live in a new “normal” we must continue to keep in mind our health and wellness is as important as protecting ourselves from COVID. 

So, for this blog post, I want to share this month’s WELLNESS & HEALTH OBSERVANCES. 

It is in the hopes that you take some to time to review, work to identify ways you can promote your own wellness and health, and then share with your loved ones. 

It is the middle of the year 2020, so anytime is a great time for a new start, but it is even better when we are half way through a year ⏰ ✨πŸ¦‹πŸŒ±

Cataract Awareness Month
Prevent Blindness America

National Great Outdoors Month
American Recreation Coalition

National Safety Month
National Safety Council

National Scleroderma Awareness Month
United Scleroderma Foundation, Inc.

Men’s Health Month

Migraine and Headache Awareness Month
National Headache Foundation

June 5 (same date annually)
World Environment Day
United Nations Environment

June 6 (first Saturday in June)
National Trails Day
American Hiking Society

June 10 – 16 (ending with Father’s Day)
Men’s Health Week
Men’s Health Network

June 13
Family Health & Fitness Day
National Recreation and Park Association

June 27 (same date annually)
National HIV Testing Day

Thank you for reading!



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